Who owns the property and are there any other interested parties?

The property is registered in the name of CIC Insurance Group Limited. The only other  interested party is Co-op Bank, where the property is charged.
On completion of purchase, the client will get a discharge on the property.

What is the Zoning of the Property?

 The land is zoned into 4 blocks; A, B, C & D. Blocks B, C & D are purely residential with community amenities while Block A is mixed use i.e. residential and commercial.

 What will be offered to the plot buyers as proof of ownership?

Documentation to be issued to buyers as proof of ownership will be a freehold title. This is subject to the development guidelines of the community.

What is the size of the land?

The overall size of the property is 200 acres divided into 4 blocks each of approximately 50 acres (including the portion of the spine road allocated to the particular block)
Now selling the first block Ujima Park.
Minimum uptake ¼ Acre plot at 8.5M

Distance from the Nairobi CBD and access the JKIA?

The distance when accessing the CBD through the Kiambu Road (through Kirigiti) and Kamiti is 21.6Km
If one opts to use Thika Road, Roysambu, Kahawa West and Kamiti the distance covered will be 24.5 Km.
If the route from Nairobi and via Thika Road then through exit 12 and Membley is used then one will expect to cover 30.7Km.

Can a customer buy a plot at Ushirika Gardens cash i.e. without taking a loan?

Yes. Cash buyers are welcome to purchase these properties through bank transfers
5% discount is applicable for cash buyers who pay the full purchase price within 30 days.
Installment options are also available.

Why is there price differentiation for the various plots in the project?

The plots available are in three typologies – Gentle Slope, Elevated and Waterway.
The differentiation arises from the plots different locations, which give them their unique views and proximity to the different features in the property.
Gentle Slope plot – 8.5M
Elevated plot – 8.5M
Waterway plot – 9M

Does this project have a financing partner?

Our financing partner for the buyers is Co-op Bank. They finance up to a maximum of 97% upon appraisal of the client.
We also accept financing from all other financial institutions whether Banks or Saccos provided the buyer qualifies and the institution is willing to give an undertaking to pay upon registration.

Who pays for the associated costs e.g. the legal fees? are they included in the purchase price?

The purchaser caters for the closing costs in full. Kindly reference the schedule of costs in the offer letter and Sale Agreement.
The costs include but not limited to: Stamp Duty, Legal fees, Valuation, Franking, 1 year service Charge.  An estimated 8% -9% of the purchase price.
This can be shared on request (insert link to contact us page)

 Will there be service charge and what will it cater for?

As a gated community, yes, there will be service charge payable by the buyers/residents of the project. This will be to cater for the following services and any additional services that may be proposed by the common interest organization:
– Lighting for the common areas,
– Security,
– Landscaping and cleaning for the common areas,
– Garbage management,
– General maintenance of the shared services such as borehole and water reticulation systems

How much will be payable in service charge and in what frequency?

The service charge has been set at Ksh. 5,000 per month. Payable 1 year in advance. Reference the closing costs in the offer letter & Sale Agreement.
A change to this amount can only be initiated by the Home Owners Association only.

What infrastructure developments will you offer onsite?

Ushirika Gardens is a controlled, gated community that comes complete with the following amenities:
– Perimeter enclosure either by way of masonry walling or palisade walling. 
– Internal circulation roads initially finished to murram standard and eventually paved with suitable precast concrete paving blocks. Roads to include drainage , footpaths and street lighting.
– Utilities including a borehole, water storage reservoirs and provision of power to the property.
– Landscaping along streets and in public areas

Scalable house designs

A library of 6 building typologies specific to the plot type

How soon can a buyer start construction on the property?

A buyer is welcome to start developing the property as soon as the plot is handed over to him/her i.e. once the purchase price and closing costs are fully paid to the vendor. This is termed as vacant possession.

Are there restrictions on how a buyer will develop the plot he/she will buy?

Yes, this is a controlled/gated community, which is envisioned to house single unit residential homes per quarter acre.
For this reason, there are rules and regulations for the home owner’s association that guide the do’s and don’ts for the buyers and residents of the property. These are contained in the development guidelines which shall be shared with all prospective buyers
Absolutely! We encourage diaspora clients to engage and express interest through : 
Email: sales@ushirikagardens.cic.co.ke
Or Whatsapp: 0717 100 100

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