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CIC Group

We are a world-class provider of insurance and other financial services.

CIC Group has  shouldered the risks of clients by providing flexible insurance and financial services built around their needs. With time, we have innovatively created customized products that have positioned us as a trusted insurance and financial services provider. Our positioning is simplified and captured in our tagline “We Keep Our Word” reinforcing our commitment to the market.

For more than five decades, we have shouldered the risk of Kenyans by providing flexible insurance and financial services built around their needs.

Now, Introducing Ushirika Gardens.

Ushirika Gardens

200 acres of prime real estate from CIC Group

Introducing our 1st phase of ¼ Quarter Acre plots. Ujima Park @ Ushirika Gardens.

Situated in Kiambu County off the Ruiru-Kamiti Road, adjacent to Tatu City, Ushirika Gardens seamlessly blends the best of both worlds. It provides easy access to schools, shopping, malls, and other social amenities while cocooning you in the privacy and exclusivity of a gated community.

We believe in crafting a lifestyle that resonates with the discerning tastes of our clients, so pay us a visit and embark on a journey of securing a serene home for you & your family.

Why Choose Ushirika Gardens

About Ushirika Gardens

Nature-Inspired Designs

With meticulous planning and a commitment to sustainability, Ushirika Gardens draws inspiration from the natural world to shape every aspect of Ujima Park. From the layout of the streets to the positioning of green spaces, we prioritize the preservation of the surrounding environment.

About us

Safe Haven For You and Yours

Ushirika Gardens was designed with security in mind and our commitment to safeguarding your home and your family is reflected in the state-of-the art security measures we have implemented. These include 24/7 surveillance, well-trained security personnel and controlled access points among others.

About Ushirika Gardens
About Ushirika Gardens

Controlled Development

With controlled development, you can rest assured that the aesthetic and functional aspects of the place you call home will be carefully regulated to maintain a harmonious and attractive living environment. This means that architectural guidelines, zoning regulations, and landscaping standards will be in place to preserve the overall quality of the community. By getting a piece of land in Ujima Park, you’re investing in more than just land.

About us

Indoor Outdoor Living

Picture yourself in a tranquil oasis, surrounded by lush greenery and open spaces, where the boundary between indoor and outdoor living blurs. Here, you can truly savour the serenity of your home.

About Ushirika Gardens

At CIC, we keep our word

The CIC Group has for more than five decades shouldered the risks of Kenyans by providing flexible insurance and financial services built around their needs.

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